Personal Power Points



  • It’s with you all the time. When someone has a sense of quiet internal confidence, others can sense it. They don’t have to jump up and down, yell and scream, or bang on a desk to demonstrate how powerful they are.
  • It is not related to strength and weakness. Strength and weakness implies that one is good and one is bad. Knowing when and how to use your personal power is the real strength!
  • You can choose when and how to use it. When you are standing in your power and you choose to remain quiet and calm in a challenging circumstance, it doesn’t mean you have relinquished your power.
  • It’s about taking personal responsibility for your actions. This means you are more likely to make conscious choices around when and how you use your power.
  • It is about self-acceptance. It doesn’t include beating yourself up. Rather, it is about being your own best advocate. Someone who has positive inner dialogue exudes confidence and power. This is not an egoistic thing. It’s about reminding yourself that you are valuable, safe and loved in times of difficulty, rather than blaming and engaging in negative self-talk. From this place of self-acceptance, you can contribute to yourself, to your loved ones and to people you don’t even know in much more positive ways, and that is powerful.
  • It means having healthy boundaries. Recognizing what your needs are, meeting them FIRST, and making requests to others when necessary allows you to give to others from a full cup. It’s difficult (if not impossible) to act from a place of personal power when you are in a frazzled, burned out, overwhelmed state. Boundaries allow you to protect yourself (and your loved ones) from the repercussions of such states.
  • It’s about self-trust. Personal power can look different for different people at different times. But it’s ALWAYS about self-trust, exemplified by the FEELING that goes along with the statement: “I trust myself”.



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