Oh Yeah, Life

It’s always fun to imagine how different the new year is going to be while we’re trudging through the last months and weeks of the old one.

We can see ourselves blasting off toward our goals with vigor and excitement as soon as the new year begins.

Then the holiday season strikes. We have lots more on our to do list with gifts and parties, family gatherings, or travel. We’re probably eating and drinking a little more and with a little less restraint than usual. And so we usually end up feeling somewhat dazed by the time we open our eyes on January 1. At that point, our perspective is likely a bit different than it was just a couple of months before.

As we start to move forward in the new year with less vigor and excitement than we had envisioned, we may start to feel bad about ourselves.

We look around and it seems like everybody else is hopping right along with New Year’s springs on their feet, dutifully crossing one item after another off their to-do list. Ahem… I’ve been working as a life and career coach for fifteen years now, and I can tell you with certainty that most people are not hopping along with springs on their feet.

It’s actually the norm for us humans to get off to a slow start in the beginning of the year.

It’s not until around this time (several weeks into January) that most people start to rouse from their “New Year hangover.” And I don’t necessarily mean a hangover from alcohol. We’ve been out of our normal routine. We may have spent the last month dealing with some challenging emotions. Many people do during the holiday season. And, as I mentioned earlier, our eating habits have probably been a little different from the norm. There may have been family illnesses to navigate, and children to take care of. Not to mention the last year we just left behind with all it’s unexpected surprises. We all deserve a little extra consideration for coming out on the other side of 2020!

In other words, the first few weeks of a new year are actually, for most of us, a time of recovery.

So go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief. You are not the only one who’s been feeling a little sluggish and foggy. An important self-management tool is the ability to recognize when it’s okay to not be 100% on your A-game. And now is just such a time. So, make a commitment to yourself to be okay with taking the first few weeks of the new year to recover and ease back into your normal routine… and then let it all go and get moving!


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Helping burned out, success-driven professionals design careers that make them leap out of bed, even on Monday mornings. https://internalgroove.com

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Barb Garrison

Barb Garrison

Helping burned out, success-driven professionals design careers that make them leap out of bed, even on Monday mornings. https://internalgroove.com

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